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 Since I Promised dan a topic

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PostSubject: Since I Promised dan a topic   Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:57 am

I give you manga. You've heard me go on about them numerous occisians and I think it would be worth posting a topic introducing them and seeing what you think.

I'll run through the basics first; Mangas are japanese comics. They are read diffirently to ours (right to left) which is preplexing at first but quickly becomes second nature. They are also black and white drawings, not the colourful western style of drawing. They are buyable in shops like forbidden planet and waterstones under the genre 'graphic novel'. They are sold as volumes (normally 6-10 chapters from the whole manga). I also consider them a damn bit more serious and adult than western comics but that is your call. Anyway a rundown of my fravourite manga(s).

1.Battle Royale

I kick it off with the only manga series I own in full, all 15 volumes. For me, the film is excellent and the book was an enjoyable read but neither of these came close to matching the manga. I really don't need a better starting point than this.

The manga is superior to the film in a few ways. First thing is the characters; They are fleshed out and developed a hell of alot more than the film. The Villians; The Teacher is even crazier, Kiriyama even more pyschotic and Mitsuko... I won't even start. The good guys, you see more personailty, you see their backstory and their characters develop. What you get with the manga is a much more complete story.

Furthermore, this is an excellent demostration of why manga is adult. Thought the film was violent? The Manga outdoes it by towering amount. Just the sheer detail alone on some of the deaths in this manga will leave you stunned. Its not just all blood and guts though, some of the earlier mentioned backstory gets extremely dark and touches a wide amount of issiues.

The other thing that gets me about manga is the artwork, Many mangas pull off some incredible imagery and character designs. Battle Royale is one of the best I've seen.

In summary; battle royale is my answer to anyone who considers manga childish. It is serious, it is mature and its very enjoyable read. It also demostrates just how good manga is as a media. Battle Royale is a start, its a film and book that is well-known by western audiences and this manga proves how it can be better than either of these. Keep in mind this is the tip of the iceberg, I have two other mangas to demostrate my point, one called 'Gantz' and the other 'Berserk' which I will post about later.

Now I was hoping to post links to this manga online so you guys could tell me how wrong I am. Sadly I haven't been able to find any links tonight but I will certaintly have something by tomorrow.

I ment to make this post longer. I ment to include 5-6 mangas however, I'm too tried to continue tonight. I will continue with part 2 tomorrow.
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Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Update   Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:45 pm

Found Battle Royale online:

Click Here

I'll post my next manga later.
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Since I Promised dan a topic
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